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Questions & Answers: Desert Eagle Pistols

A. The firearm itself, one magazine, warranty card, owner’s manual and the 5-in-1 universal cleaning tool. The extra slot(s) can be used for spare magazine, spare 10″ barrel or cleaning items.

A. Your shooting (grip) technique is allowing the pistol to move back and torque to the left causing ejected brass to come back at you. Use a firm grip and do not allow the pistol to torque (turn) left under recoil.

You can also add Hogue soft rubber grips with or without finger-grooves or have your barrel MagNaPorted, which will improve your grip and reduce felt recoil.
>> How to Shoot the Desert Eagle

A. Yes, we suggest a company called MagNaPort International. Please contact them directly if you would like to have your pistol/revolver done at 1-586-469-6727,

A. DO NOT SHOOT LEAD AMMUNITION THROUGH YOUR DESERT EAGLE, PLEASE REFER TO THE RECOMMENDED AMMUNITION LIST HERE. Remember that ammunition is very important with the Desert Eagle pistol. Defective ammunition will keep you from chambering. Check the type of ammunition you are using. If ammunition is underpowered it will not reliably cycle the action of your Desert Eagle. Shooting lead or full-metal jacket with an open lead base will not only foul the recoil spring assembly crosspiece and the rods, but it will also carbon and lead-foul the piston and solder it to the barrel. You should stay with good, semi-jacketed ammunition. We do suggest trying as many commercial, manufactured, semi-jacketed Magnum cartridges as possible and see which one works the best for you and your pistol.

A. I am sorry we do not offer any reloading information since we do not recommend reloading in any of our products. Any use of reloads (problems caused by them) void the warranty on any MRI product. However, if you are going to reload we suggest you strictly follow all safe reloading information in a good up to date reloading manual.

A. The Desert Eagle features the innovative polygon rifling system. To the uniformed eye used to seeing the sharp edges of the land and grooves of typical rifling, the Desert Eagle pistols bore does look almost smooth and featureless. The polygonal rifling reduces gas leakage and bullet distortion and promotes higher velocity; longer bore life and easier cleaning. Accuracy is typically as good or better than conventional rifling, which is probably why many Desert Eagle owners claim that it is the most accurate pistol they’ve ever shot.

A. With an empty magazine the Mark XIX pistols weigh approximately 4lbs. 6.2 oz.

A. The first thing is being sure your pistol is unloaded. The main reason this may happen is your pistol is dirty and needs to be cleaned; a dirty pistol will affect the chambering, extraction and the overall performance of the gun. Inspect the chamber, clean it with a bore brush (we use a bronze brush) and solvent, and lightly oil it with a patch. Next the recoil spring assembly gets lead and carbon-fouled that it may not let the bolt shut. All you need to do with the recoil spring assembly is fieldstrip it and clean it, oil it, and be sure to properly assemble it. Use your 5-in-1 tool to remove the firing pin, remove the bolt assembly and inspect the bolt – basically just clean your bolt assembly, clean your firing pin, review your manual and reassemble the pistol.

Another problem is a lot of people that shoot wheel guns and different types of pistols have a tendency to limp-wrist. They have to in order to take up recoil of the gun itself. With the Desert Eagle pistol, you can’t. You have to take a good two-handed grip to assure a clean, crisp snapping action of the slide forward and back. If you are limp-wristing, it takes ups the inertia of the slide, it won’t come all the way back, and the action doesn’t cycle properly.
>> How to Shoot the Desert Eagle

A.  The Reamer Head – used to clean lead deposits from the gas cylinder. Remove barrel from pistol, place reamer head in cylinder and work back and forth to remove lead deposit.

The Disassembly Tool on the handle has four uses:

  • Firing Pin Tool – used to push the firing pin to allow removal of firing pin stop to allow removal of firing pin.
  • Bolt Guide Pin Tool – used to pull the bolt guide pin from the bottom of the slide to remove bolt from slide. Note: Firing pin must be removed first.
  • Grip Pin Tool – used to push in grip pin to allow removal of handgrips.
  • Magazine Disassembly Tool – used to push in the magazine base catch pin on the bottom of the magazine to allow removal of base and disassembly of magazine. (Warning: Wear safety glasses when disassembling the magazine – the magazine spring is under tension and could cause serious eye injury if released suddenly.)

A. To have a muzzle brake installed on your barrel you would need to send the BARREL ONLY to:

Magnum Research Inc.
Attn: MB Install
12602 33rd Avenue SW
Pillager, MN 56473

Enclose a note stating that you would like a muzzle brake installed along with your name, phone number, and return shipping address.
Once the brake is installed, we will contact you for credit card payment at that time.
Estimated turnaround time is 3 weeks.
Cost of a black muzzle brake is $199.00 + $10.00 s/h = $209.00
Cost of a chrome or nickel plated muzzle brake is $264.00 + $10.00 s/h = $274.00
Cost of a 24K Gold or Titanium Gold plated muzzle brake is $299.00 + $10.00 s/h = $309.00

Front Sight

  1. Remove factory sight by tapping out with a soft punch.
  2. When retrofitting the optional sight, if front sight is too tight to fit into dovetail, remove a small amount of material from bottom of the sight base and or blade with a file.
  3. Use a sight press or smoothed jawed vice to press front sight into place (center of barrel). Be careful not to damage your barrel.

Rear Sight

Note: Millett Rear Sight Installation
To prevent breakage of the windage adjustment screw during installation, remove the rear sight ramp by tapping out the roll pin and backing out the elevation screw all the way. Install the sight base (see “rear sight” #3).

  1. Remove factory sight by tapping out with a soft punch.
  2. When retrofitting the optional sight, if rear sight is too tight to fit into dovetail, remove a small amount of material from the dovetail of the sight with a file.
  3. Use a sight press or soft punch with a patch to center rear sight. Once centered remove elevation screw to access and tighten down the dovetail locking screws. Replace elevation screw. Note: Make sure elevation springs are properly seated in base.

A. It depends on the price you are willing to pay; on the low dollar end it would be the Matte Chrome or Brushed Chrome and on the high dollar end either of the Titaniums. Please do note that any finish can rust including stainless steel, but with proper periodic maintenance and cleaning after each use you should not have any problems.