The Magnum Research Mountain Eagle rifle is a culmination of our superb graphite centerfire rifle barrel, a superior bolt action receiver, and the ideal stock of your choice. It is a custom rifle built to order without the long wait typical of such handcrafted firearms. Our patented carbon technology barrels rely on an original Criterion steel inner liner for strength and accuracy. We wrap, compress, and cure pure graphite over that liner. It is then finished with stainless breech and muzzle caps. A wide variety of calibers are offered, including 22 Centerfire, 6mm, 6.5mm, 270, 7mm, 30 cal, and 338 Win Mag. Many twist options are available in the popular chamberings. These rifles and barrels are manufactured entirely in the USA. Cartridges are limited to standard bottlenecked and belted Magnums.

In following with Magnum Research’s commitment to performance in all of our firearms, the quality of these rifles will not disappoint. They really shoot! Barrel life is excellent, heat dissipation extremely efficient, and harmonics nonexistent since carbon is six times stiffer than the equivalent weight of steel. Whether cold or hot, the Mountain Eagle rifle will always shoot to point of aim. Call our Customer service folks at 218-746-3459, Monday through Friday, to get a quote for your custom, tack driving, Mountain Eagle rifle!


Styles H-S Precision, Tactical, Varmint
Calibers .22/250, .30-06, .2800. 7MM, .300 WM, .300 WSM, .308, .223
Barrel 26"
Action Long, Short
OA Length 46.5", 48.25"
Length Of Pull 13.75"
Weight (Empty)* 7 lbs 6 ozs , 9 lbs 2 oz
Stock Right Hand Only
Styles Hogue® OverMolded™
Calibers .30-06, .280. 7MM, 7MM WSM, .300 WM, .300 WSM, .308
Barrel 24" Sport Taper, 26" Sport Taper
Action Long, Short
OA Length 44.5", 46.5"
Length Of Pull 13.75"
Weight (Empty)* 7 lbs 2 ozs
Stock Right Hand Only