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Survival Blog | Pat Cascio’s Review: Magnum Research, Desert Eagle 1911s Siblings

Whenever anyone finds out that I’m a gun/knife/outdoor writer, the first question out of their mouth is “What’s your favorite gun…?” Quite often, when I’m hanging out at the local gun shop, a customer will ask about a certain handgun, and one of the sales guys will point them to me, and I get this same question over and over again “What’s your favorite handgun?” I don’t try to side-step the question, but it’s just impossible to answer, for many reasons. If I’m going out big game hunting with a handgun, I’ll probably grab a revolver in .44 Magnum. If I’m just going out to do a little fun shooting, I might grab a .22 LR pistol. For target shooting, maybe I’ll pack-up a hi-cap 9mm of some sort. Walking the mean streets of America, it could be any number of handguns that I might select to carry.

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