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Shooting Illustrated | First Look: 429 DE Pistol Cartridge

OCTOBER 31, 2018

By Shooting Illustrated

Of course, most firearm fans are familiar with the world-famous Desert Eagle, chambered in the equally famous 50 AE cartridge. However, what’s less-known is that Magnum Research, the Minnesota-based manufacturer of these big-bore handguns, offers Desert Eagle models in other calibers, notably .357 Mag. and .44 Mag. Now, a new caliber has been added to the lineup, and it’s one designed by engineers at the company itself: the 429 DE.

“This new cartridge was engineered and designed specifically for the Desert Eagle Pistol, keeping in mind that the DEP is known world wide for its awesome firepower and performance,” said Jim Tertin, Magnum Research design and R&D lead. “The 429 DE propels that history into the future.”

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