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Review: Magnum Research Desert Eagle in .429 DE |

By Kat Ainsworth

Most gun owners are aware of the Magnum Research Desert Eagle and associate it with the .50 AE, which is an admittedly large caliber. But did you know there are Desert Eagles available in other calibers, including the .429 DE? That’s a caliber that, like the .50 AE, was designed by Magnum Research specifically for optimal performance with the Desert Eagle. Does that mean it’s even better than other options for the Desert Eagle? We tried it out at the range and hunting to find out how it runs, and now we’re sharing the results with you.

What’s the Magnum Research Desert Eagle in .429 DE?

The Magnum Research Desert Eagle in .429 DE (the DE stands for Desert Eagle, of course) is a big-bore option for sport shooters and hunters. Although the original Desert Eagle model has been around since the early 1980s, the .429 DE didn’t hit the market until 2018. The latest .44-caliber addition to the Desert Eagle family has the bonus of still being a big bore but with a little less felt recoil and muzzle rise than the original.

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