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Personal Defense World | Desert Eagle L5: Magnum Research’s .50 AE Pistol Bypasses NY Laws

By: Frank Melloni

It’s hard to believe, but six years have already passed since the most eccentric governor in New York’s history passed the draconian SAFE Act. Those of you who weren’t affected by it should, at the very least, familiarize yourselves with it, as it’s a stark illustration of how they will come after your guns.

How the Desert Eagle L5 Came to Be

When the news was announced at the 2013 SHOT Show, Kahr Firearms Group President Justin Moon looked at his employees and said, “We are leaving New York.”

Hellbent on extracting revenge, Kahr set out to strip the state of millions of tax dollars. Just six months later, the company purchased land in Greeley, Pa. It then started the relocation and second phase of the plan: creating guns that New York couldn’t regulate.

The Kahr Firearms Group includes Kahr, Auto-Ordnance and Magnum Research, the last of which resonates with many shooters as it was the inventor of the iconic Desert Eagle. The original Desert Eagle was massive, weighing in at 72 ounces, or 4.5 pounds. The clunky pistol chambered the massive .50 Action Express (AE) cartridge and produced rifle energies out of its 6-inch barrel. Although it is still produced and widely available today, this classic design fell victim to New York’s SAFE Act simply because it was too heavy.

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