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Magnum Research® Upgrades Popular BFR Series

Greeley, PA – Magnum Research (MRI) has always counted their BFR (Big Frame Revolver) series among their many success stories. It all began in 1999, when an independent gunsmith/designer named Jim Tertin, was approached by MRI to manufacture the new large caliber revolver for them. Tertin mastered the base pin design, firing pin, barrels, frame and cylinder, and fine-tuned the timing of all BFR revolvers, and then put it into production for Magnum Research. In 2005, Tertin sold the BFR design to MRI and was hired by them as the Director of Manufacturing. His focus is now that of Director of Design, Research and Development for all MRI products including the iconic Desert Eagles and Baby Desert Eagles.

In an effort to always keep the BFR in the forefront of this competitive industry of revolver manufacturers, the BFR has been redesigned with some exciting new features. The hammer spur was addressed first and it is now taller and narrower than previous models. It was raised vertically allowing for easier cocking and is significantly easier to shoot, even with a gloved hand. The new hammer is 100% machined in stainless steel and is made with extremely tight tolerances giving it a very smooth and consistent trigger pull.

Also new for the entire BFR product line is the soft rubber, one-piece grip. They were designed with the most correct taper needed for single-action shooting. With its new ergonomic design, it is just slightly longer than the original two-piece grip MRI used prior to this. The new Hogue grip is a brand new “screwless design” that has never before been offered on a single-action revolver. The one-piece rubber grip fits snugly to the grip frame and will not move under recoil. Each grip is shipped with an assembly/disassembly tool that aids in installing or removing the grip. The new grips and hammers will fit any BFR manufactured since 2000 and are available directly from Magnum Research.

The last new feature offered on the entire BFR product line is the new BFR logo. The logo was designed internally by Kevin Yoon, Marketing Manager, Kahr Firearms Group and it truly reflects a more modern look for the BFR revolvers.

All BFR special ordered calibers, and all twelve BFR standard models with calibers that include: .454 Casull, .44 Magnum, .30/30 Win, .45/70 Govt., .460 S&W, .500 S&W, and .45LC/.410, and with barrel lengths of 5” up to 10” will feature the new upgrades.