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Magnum Research® John Nagel Pro-Staff to Attend Copa Aguila in Mexico

Pillager, MN – Magnum Research (MRI) is proud to announce that John Nagel, Pro-Shooter for Magnum Research, will be participating in the 3rd Annual Copa Aguila 2017 shooting match. This is the first time that Nagel has competed in this match. The event runs September 21-24 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The Copa Aguila is the largest and most challenging national shooting event in all of Mexico and it draws more than 300 of the very best top shooters from Mexico, the United States, Spain, South America and Europe.

The match includes five disciplines: Copa Sporting Clays, Copa Five-Stand, Copa Minishell, Copa 5.11 3-Gun, and Copa Rimfire. Nagel will compete in the Copa Rimfire challenge which includes both rifle and pistol. In the Copa Rimfire Pistol challenge, Nagel will be shooting at 40 maxi silhouettes using a .22 pistol at distances of 25m, 50m, 75m and 100m. For the Copa Rimfire Rifle challenge, Nagel will shoot at 40 mini silhouettes with a .22 rifle at distances of 40m, 66m, 77m and 100m. The top 3 shooters for each distance and the shooter with the top total scores will be rewarded in both rimfire pistol and rifle categories.

Nagel will be using two custom-made rimfire firearms in pistol and rifle. “I feel very confident of my ability as a pro-shooter going into this event because I know that I will be using the finest made and most accurate semi-auto rimfire guns that I have ever used before” stated John Nagel. “I thank Magnum Research for the custom action and patented Ultra-Lite graphite barrels for both pistol and rifle. I also thank Boyd’s for the custom stocks, Nightforce for optics and rings, and Kidd Innovations for the trigger groups. I have the very best equipment and now the rest is up to me.”

Among his many titles, Nagel has earned Grand Masters classifications in the USPSA/SCSA. This is the highest class level and only 5% of shooters in the country have earned this status. Nagel earned titles in three divisions including: RFRI (Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights), RFRO (Rimfire Rifle Open Sights), RFPO (Rimfire Pistol Open).

In addition to Nagel’s three newly-acquired Grand Masters Classifications, he has earned his AAA card from IHMSA competitions, a master classification from NSSF at the 2013 world match, and he is a member of the 1-Second Club, hitting 3 targets with 5 shots in just 1 second. In addition, Nagel has competed in USPSA GSSF and various other competitions, including cowboy action and extreme long range silhouette matches. His success also includes at least 13 NSSF regional wins in 3 separate divisions, 2 silver medals from the 2014 US Steel Nationals and silver medals from two previous NSSF World Championships. Additionally, Nagel has received 2 silver medals at the Steel Challenge Shooting Association World Championship. In total, he has won 7 world records with rimfire rifle competitions. Most recently, Nagel has won two USPSA/SCSA Level 3 titles in two separate divisions at the 2016 Pennsylvania East Coast Steel Challenge. At last count, Nagel has been on the award podium 30 times in state, regional and international events. Perhaps Nagel will be adding awards from the Copa Aguila 2017 match as well.