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Magnum Research donates custom BFRs

(Pillager, MN) – Magnum Research, maker of the famous Desert Eagle and BFR handguns, is donating three revolvers to this year’s Lucas Oil Invitational Pro Bull Ride. The first gun is a BFR chambered in .44 Magnum, with 7.5” barrel, Hogue grips, and stainless finish. Valued at $1,219, it will be raffled to benefit “Protect the Harvest” ( The second BFR is a custom engraved gun called the “Bounty Bull”. Chambered in 30/30 Win., it features a 10” barrel, and Bisley grips.

The gun and grips are engraved by Outlaw Ordnance, with scroll work, bull riding imagery, and “Bounty Bull” engraved on the smooth cylinder. This gun is valued at $4,917, and will also be raffled for Protect the Harvest. The third gun will go to the overall Rodeo champion, and is chambered in .44 Magnum. It features a 7.5” barrel, and Bisley grips. Outlaw Ordnance engraved this one-of-a-kind BFR with ornate scrollwork, and imagery commemorating the rider’s victory at the Lucas Oil Invitational Pro Bull Ride. The champion’s trophy BFR is valued at $6,321. In addition to the custom revolvers, staff from Magnum Research, Kahr Firearms Group, and Outlaw Ordnance will attend the rodeo.

All BFRs are hand built, super accurate, single action revolvers, finely tuned for exceptional performance. Owning a BFR means owning the pinnacle of revolver design and engineering. Magnum Research offers BFRs in a wide range of calibers, barrel lengths, and attractive finishes.

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