The Importance of Diversification in Business: Adding Magnum Research to the Group

As I was growing the Kahr Firearms Group, I realized that an important step would be to broaden the product line.  Kahr was known for making high quality, easy to conceal and carry handguns. To be at the forefront of firearms manufacturing, Kahr needed to offer more than just pistols.  In order to diversify, I decided to acquire other gun companies that would bring new kinds of firearms to the product line while creating the opportunity to grow our manufacturing capabilities.  When Magnum Research Incorporated (MRI) became available, we immediately moved to acquire it.

MRI was well known for making high quality performance hunting handguns, graphite rifle barrels, and complete rifles.  This was a perfect fit for my vision of Kahr Firearms Group, thrusting the company directly into the manufacture of hunting firearms.  It also gave us ownership of the iconic Desert Eagle, a gun that has its own legend in firearms culture. We made the purchase of Magnum Research in June of 2010.  Combining Kahr, MRI, and Auto-Ordnance cemented Kahr Firearms Group as a full spectrum gun maker.

This merger was also a two-way street.  MRI brought Kahr expanded product lines, while Kahr was able to inject some much needed funding and technology into Magnum Research.  Shooters can see that in the rapid pace of new product development across MRI’s firearms lines. The BFR was offered in new calibers and styles.  Desert Eagles came out with new finishes, configurations, and of course the L5 series with its alloy frame--a truly groundbreaking feat of engineering.  In recent years we expanded the Magnum Lite series of rifles with ULTRA tensioned rimfire barrel, the integrally suppressed TTS-22, and the “Switch Bolt” option. 

Customers should keep a close eye on Magnum Research. Some very exciting and revolutionary new products are on the drawing board for the future!

Justin Moon
CEO Kahr Firearms Group