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Kahr Firearms Group Introduces New Websites!

(Greeley, PA) Kahr Firearms Group in partnership with Beyond the Brand Media, has introduced new, updated websites and contents for all of the brand family. Beyond the Brand Media is located in Goffstown, New Hampshire. Beginning in 2017, the firm has been the web developer for Kahr Firearms Group, designing the pages for Kahr, Magnum Research, and Auto- Ordnance. Beyond the Brand Media is a full-service web agency, offering a talented team of web designers. The relaunch of the Kahr Firearms Group family of pages presents exciting new content for customers, in a very user-friendly format. Jodi DePorter, Director of Marketing for Kahr Firearms Group, stated that the partnership with Beyond the Brand Media has “…been enormously beneficial. Designing websites for such different brands as Kahr, Magnum Research, and Auto-Ordnance, presents unique challenges in showcasing their individual character. Each website addresses the unique interests of each brand’s fans.”

A Family of Brands, Unique Traditions

The three brands in the Kahr Firearms Group family have long established traditions, appealing to a diverse group of customers. The Kahr website places the P9 pistol at front and center. With its clean, slim lines, the P9 reflects Kahr’s commitment to bringing the customer an ideal carry pistol. Kahr’s focus on quality is mission central, and the website expands on that in detail. Similarly, Magnum Research sets the gold standard for high quality firearms. Many shooters are less familiar with MRI’s other product lines, including the SwitchBolt rifle, MR1911, and BFR. The new site makes exploring these platforms simple. It also allows easy access to the Magnum Research Customs site where visitors can design the gun of their dreams. Finally, Auto-Ordnance celebrates over 100 years of excellence in producing historical American firearms. The Thompson family remains the iconic product of the brand, accompanied by American made 1911 pistols, and M1 Carbine rifles. Owning an Auto-Ordnance product truly is owning a piece of history. Visit all of the new Kahr Firearms Group websites to see the entire lineup of high quality firearms–essential parts of any American shooter’s dream gun collection!

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