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Kahr Firearms Group Hosts the Annual Rod of Iron Freedom Fest from October 8th-10th!

Greeley, PA: Kahr Firearms Group is proud to host this year’s “Rod of Iron Freedom Festival”, at the Greeley, PA, Kahr Headquarters facility. From October 8-10, an all-star list of over 30 patriot celebrities and shooting experts will be in attendance, including Nikki Goeser, John Lott, Teddy Daniels, Sean Moon, Richard Mack, Dana Loesch, Mark Walters, Stephen Bannon, and Gabby Franco. Events will include speeches and seminars by various guest presenters, a music festival, training opportunities, a machine gun shoot, a merchant/food court, and a patriotic fireworks display. The adjacent Tommy Gun Warehouse will also be open for retail shopping. Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, the Freedom Fest takes advantage of the fall season to offer a great outdoor venue for patriots and shooters to gather in celebration of their American freedoms. The fall foliage will be in full bloom, lending amazing landscape to the backdrop. The food, fellowship, and celebratory atmosphere make this a must-attend for anyone interested in expressing their support for liberty. Justin Moon, CEO of Kahr Firearms Group, commented on this year’s Freedom Fest, saying “..I am proud to have an opportunity to bring together like-minded Americans who really value the freedom’s this nation has given us.

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