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By: Brad Fitzpatrick


it can be a challenge to write enthusiasti- cally about guns that are so similar in design to other firearms that their parts are practically interchangeable. The cure for the fifth-striker-fired-gun-in-a-row blues is the Magnum Research BFR, which is unlike just about anything in the handgun market. The BFR is a single-action revolver crafted from stainless steel. This Ameri- can-manufactured revolver is charming, in the same way a vintage H1 Hummer or the 72-ounce Big Texan steak is charming. Everything about the BFR is outsized, and it will certainly overshadow any other firearm your buddies bring to a barbecue show-and-tell.

My interest in BFR handguns grew out of my passion for hunting whitetails with a handgun. There aren’t a lot of companies selling high-quality single- action wheelguns for hunting. Ruger owns the lion’s share of the market, and Freedom Arms has its fans even, though its guns carry a hefty price tag. Magnum Research’s BFR doesn’t get the attention that it deserves, so I wanted to test the company’s single-action shotgun/center- fire .45/.410 revolver. It’s available with either a 7.5- or 5.25-inch barrel. Both barrels have a 1:20 twist rate and a groove diameter of 0.451 inch. The shorter version measures 12.75 inches overall, while the long- barreled version is an even 15 inches. The long-barreled .45/.410 BFR weighs 4.5 pounds.