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Custom Magnum Research Desert Eagle! |

By Mike Schoby

Gun geeks love gathering esoteric bits of firearm film trivia to one-up each other with their encyclopedic (read in, never been with a woman) knowledge. They will discuss at length: the period correctness of the Remington Model 8 Kevin Costner sported while lighting up Bonnie and Clyde’s 1934 Ford in The Highwaymen. The accurate sound of clips being ejected from M1 Garands during the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan. Thomas Magnum’s 1911 chambered in 9mm not .45 or Sonny Crockett’s unique choice of Detonics and Bren Ten handguns.

But when asked, “Not considering Glock, what is the most common firearm used in film of all time?” They often scratch their collective heads. Colt Single Action Army might have been a fair choice in the 1950’s when Westerns were all the rage, or Thompson submachine guns during our country’s collective fascination with gangster films. A case could be made for the M16 and 1911–as both span generations and numerous cinematic conflicts. But I would suggest the most seen firearm of all time on the silver screen is also one of most esoteric and rare in real-world use: the Magnum Research Inc. Desert Eagle.

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