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Black death and a BFR: Chasing African Cape Buffalo with a Handgun

By:  Kristin Alberts

When your eyes lock with those of a Cape Buffalo–one of the most dangerous animals on the planet–pulses race and the lines between hunter and hunted blur. The only thing separating us was a few yards of South African sand and a Magnum Research BFR.

Many months of planning, permits, dreams, nightmares, travel, and logistics would tick down to a few final moments of adrenaline. We’d practiced on the range, working that buttery BFR single action, practicing rapid shots from the sticks, moving and shooting, and even sending a few into the target off-hand. Though stout of recoil, the BFR proved both accurate and controllable, leaving zero doubt the gun would hold up its
end of the bargain if its huntress did the same.

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