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by: B. Gil Horman

During the last two years, Magnum Research, Inc. (MRI) launched three websites that allow customers to design and order customized configurations of the company’s Desert Eagle pistol, BFR Revolver and SwitchBolt rimfire rifle. This year, all three sites were combined into one comprehensive online custom shop at

This combined site makes it easy to see all of the options available for a given model and see it built out virtually before you buy. As features and upgrades are selected, an image of the finished gun and pricing are provided. The firearm you’ve built can then be purchased online and shipped to your preferred licensed firearms dealer.

I enjoyed working with the MRI Magnum Lite rimfire a few years ago, so I jumped at the chance to build a custom SwitchBolt using the new website. When the SwitchBolt section of the website opens, it defaults to a ‘basic’ rifle configuration, which in truth is not a basic rifle at all. Going with this configuration will put quite a nice rifle in your hands.

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