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American Rifleman | Review: Magnum Research ‘Thunder Snub’ BFR in .45-70 Gov’t.

January 30th, 2020

I believe that every family needs a cool cousin who lives life to the fullest. In our family, it’s Cousin Steve. He’s built a monster truck, hand-stitched his own mountain man buckskin clothing and is currently cobbling together a black-powder 4-Bore rifle (it will fire a 1.05″ diameter lead ball that weighs a quarter pound, just in case you were wondering). In his youth, he set out to own the most powerful handgun he could find, which ended up being a bolt-action Remington 700 pistol chambered in .458 Win. Mag. Needless to say, I look forward to our conversations.

A few months ago, Steve and I were enjoying plates of barbecue at a family dinner when the subject of discussion turned to the venerable .45-70 Gov’t. cartridge. He mentioned that a friend of his had an American Derringer M-4 Alaskan Survival model chambered in .45-70 Gov’t. that produces a level of felt recoil which takes one’s breath away. I said I hadn’t shot anything that small, but I did like shooting the 7.5″ barrel Magnum Research .45-70 Gov’t. BFR. It can be a handful, but it’s certainly much more pleasant to work with than a derringer.

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