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American Rifleman | Review: Magnum Research BFR 350 Legend


Through the years, Magnum Research has continued to expand the BFR’s chambering options to include a diverse selection of rifle and big-bore handgun options, in both short- and long-cylinder configurations.

The single-action revolver may seem like a fixture from our shooting history’s past. Some may think of it as a 19th-century relic that’s kept in production only by nostalgia and enthusiasts who enjoy the Single Action Shooting Society’s weekend competitions. But two decades ago, Magnum Research, Inc., recognized that this sturdy, reliable and accurate design had the potential to continue evolving beyond its Old West roots.

The BFR acronym that Magnum Research used to name its series of single-action wheel guns stands for Big Frame Revolver, and it began as a concept gun developed by a company called D-Max back in the 1990s. Using the Ruger Blackhawk as a starting point, the goal was to build a single-action revolver with a longer frame and an extended cylinder chambered for rifle cartridges.

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