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American Military News | Op-Ed: Comparing six types of 1911 handguns

Comparing six types of 1911s. (Courtesy of Dan Abraham)

SEPTEMBER 01, 2018 

It’s hard to believe that a handgun produced in the year 1911 still flourishes today. Many collectors and shooters feel the most accurate handgun in their collection is a 1911. There is nothing like taking a 1911 handgun to the range and feeling the extreme accuracy it delivers. There is something about that short and light single action trigger pull that puts rounds down range and hits targets with ease. I consider shooting a 1911 handgun a confidence booster.

Something many people don’t realize is how many different types of 1911 handguns are available in today’s market. Firearm manufacturers took the historic design, while staying true to traditional mechanics, and they create all different types of 1911 handguns. Stepping away from the standard .45 ACP, 1911 handguns are now available in a variety a rounds and barrel length sizes. Everything from a small .22 long rifle to a large 10mm round has been produced.

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