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American Hunter | Review – Plains Game Getter: Magnum Research BFR .454 Casull

by Max Prasac

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Scenario: You’ve booked the plains game hunt in South Africa. You are a handgun hunter, so you’ve already decided to hunt the hard way. Now you need to figure out what to use to maximize your potential to succeed. Your shots may be a bit on the long side, so your choice should shoot relatively flat (in terms of a revolver, emphasis is on relative). The game will be on the heavier side of typical whitetail deer, so your choice should launch a tough, expanding projectile that will not just penetrate well, but impart some shock to the animal. You might want to limit the barrel length to one that isn’t unwieldy, which you can quickly press into action at the drop of a hat—your choice needs to handle well. All of the above criteria point squarely to Dick Casull’s wonder cartridge, the .454 Casull.

South Africa is a long way from home. It takes real commitment (not just financially speaking) to prepare for this hunt on the other side of the world. Your shots may be a little farther than you are normally accustomed to taking, so your firearm choice needs to reflect this reality.

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