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New Accessories
  • 7.5" Charm Bracelet

    Beautiful 14K yellow gold charm bracelet is 7.5 inches in length and features a lobster claw closure.


  • Desert Eagle Pistol Charm

    This Desert Eagle charm is crafted in 14 karat yellow gold, the charm has a polished finish and all the details of a real .50 cal. Desert Eagle. Charm features a lobster claw clasp to attach to any charm bracelet or necklace. Approximate weight 5 grams.


  • Grim Reaperw/ Sikel Base Plate,.44/.50

    Magnum Research .44/.50AE base plate engraved with "Grim Reaper w/ Sikel" design.

    "Magazine not included"


  • Polo Shirt with Magnum Research Logo, 3X

    Sport-Wick moisture-wicking technology and a crafted flat tricot micropique for a smoother fabric. Not just a sharp look—it's snag resistant, too. Magnum Research embroidered logo in gold on black polo,size 3XL.

    • 3.8-ounce, 100% polyester tricot
    • Snag resistant
    • Moisture-wicking
    • Double-needle stitching throughout
    • Tag-free label
    • Taped neck
    • Flat knit collar
    • 3-button placket with dyed-to-match rubber buttons
    • Set-in, open hem sleeves
    • Side vents


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  • .44 Magnum Desert Eagle

    The Desert Eagle .50 Action Express is the most powerful semi-auto around. And now it's bigger.

    Guns Combat, Winter/Spring 2014 Special Edition | By Will Dabbs | Page 58 ~ 61

    Despite the fact most of us would dismiss People magazine as the fodder of weak minds, truth be known we are all influenced by exogenous cultural forces. Want proof? H&K sold thousands of MP-5 submachine guns worldwide after the televised storming of the Iranian Embassy in London by SAS troops armed with these weapons in 1980. It seems us grizzled armed professionals are not so different from your typical teenage girl.
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  • Beauty and the Beast


    American Handgunner, March/April 2014 Digital Edition | By John Connor | Page 64 ~ 69 and 112 ~ 117

    Two questions, okay? First, who was it at Magnum Research who stood gazin' at a “standard” Desert Eagle .50AE, this massive crew-served hand-howitzer, scratchin' his head an' rubbin' his chin and then muttered, “Ya know, this thing just needs to be a little bigger and heavier”? Huh? Who? And if it's the same person who decided the “bigger and heavier” part should consist of an integral muzzle brake/compensator that looks like it belongs on the main gun of a Turin-designed Italian battle tank, I’d like to tell 'em “Bravissimo! You got it right!”
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  • 1911 SHOOTOUT

    We ordered in seven basic, full-size, affordable 1911s and put them through a head-to-head shootout to find out which ones are the best buys. Here’s how they rate.

    Shooting Times, February 2014 | By By Paul Scarlata | Page 27 ~ 34

    I have been involved in the shooting sports for longer than I care to admit. In that time I have come to two ironclad conclusions about American shooters: No. 1. They love 1911 pistols. No. 2 They crave a good deal. Now, this may come as a shock to some of our younger readers, but when I bought my first 1911 I had a choice of buying a Colt or … buying a Colt. At that time Colt was the only manufacturer (other than some foreign military arsenals) making 1911 pistols.
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  • FEARSOME .50

    The Desert Eagle .50 Action Express is the most powerful semi-auto around. And now it's bigger.

    Handguns, December 2013 / January 2014 | By Joseph Von Benedikt

    Being rather a practical sort, my reaction to the big .50 AE Desert Eagle semi-auto handgun has always been “Why?” It's too heavy to carry comfortably, it's too big to even pretend to conceal it, and it's much too powerful for the average shooter to fire comfortably. Shooting one rapid-fire is impossible, no matter what Hollywood portrays. Not to mention the fact that .50 AE ammo is expensive—if you can find it. ...
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  • The Magnum Research BFR .454 Casull is one fine handgun

    Woods 'n Water Magazine, November 11, 2013 | By Jim Hammond

    Sometimes, bigger is better, and when it comes to knock-down power, that certainly applies in most hunting situations. I am referring to my newest large-caliber handgun – the Magnum Research BFR in .454 Casull. ...
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