Kahr Firearms Group is the Place to Be at NRA 2022!

An All-Star Lineup

Houston, TX: Kahr Firearms Group’s booth is the place to be at NRA 2022! Proud to be back in action at the NRA Annual Meeting, Kahr has an all-star lineup of booth guests throughout the convention. From May 27-29, drop in at booth number 1423 to see these popular celebrity visitors. Several are famous content creators known for their blue collar humor, sure to be appreciated by all hardworking gun owners. Liv Taylor Dodge is a member of Team Outlaw, and well known for her videos promoting women working hands-on in the trade industries. Her social media sites are hugely popular, TikTok: @officiallivtaylor, Instagram: @officiallivtaylor, Facebook: @officiallivtaylor, YouTube: @officiallivtaylor. John Michael Stewart is also part of Team Outlaw, and famous for his hilarious “Ricky & The Boss” online content. Check him out at Tiktok: @johnmicheal1996, Instagram: @johnmicheal_stewart, and as “Breadstick Ricky And The Boss” on Facebook and YouTube. Finally, our partners at Outlaw Ordnance will be present, with both Nakia “Nacho” Jackson, and Chip “Cheeto” Pierce in the booth! If you have watched Outlaw Ordnance’s online channels, you definitely had a great laugh at their antics. They are also the team responsible for Kahr Firearms Groups many amazing custom art gun projects.

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