Magnum Research Hi-Viz Fiber Optic DE Front Sight, High (DEP-HIVIZ-H) - Style # DEP-HIVIZ-H, MRI Shop / Sights


Hi-Viz Fiber Optic DE Front Sight, High (DEP-HIVIZ-H)

This high HiViz front sight offers an alternative to the Desert Eagle 10-inch pistol factory front sight. This fiber optic front sight is awesome for those low light conditions or dark targets (like a black bear or a wild hog). Each sight comes with 3 green and 3 red LitePipes. Will not fit USA made barrels.

**For all Desert Eagle Sights, some fitting is required. Consultation with your gunsmith is suggested. Magnum Research does not warranty sights not installed by a MRI factory gunsmith**

Qty: $25.99