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Glacier Ridge .22 LR Ambidextrous Thumbhole Stock (MLSATCP)

Ambidextrous lightweight thumbhole 10/22® stock made from polypropylene with fiber additives for maximum strength. The new stock design features a comb height designed for comfort, with a semi-palm swell on both sides of the pistol grip, a molded-to-fit rubber butt plate, and the comb height easily accommodates optics. Installation instructions are enclosed.

10/22® is a registered trademark of Sturm, Ruger® & Co., Inc.
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Product Specifications

Installation instructions:


1. Unload rifle, remove magazine, lock the bolt open and visually check for any ammunition in the rifle or chamber. Remove any ammo that is present.

2. Place the rifle upside down on a table and remove the slotted takedown screw located in front of the magazine on the bottom of the stock.

3. Place the safety in the “middle position”.

4. Carefully lift the original stock up and off the barreled action by grasping the forend or front of stock and pivoting it up and away from the barrel action.

NOTE: The safety must be in the middle position to prevent damage from contacting the stock during the installation process.


1. Insert the takedown screw from your old stock into the brass escutcheon of the new stock. Follow the reverse of the above directions and keep in mind a few tips listed below.

2. Place the new stock vertically on a bench and hold it there by the tip of the forend with one hand. With the safety again in the middle position place the trigger guard end of the barreled action into the top of the new stock and engage the rear of the receiver onto the small ½ moon shaped ledge at the rear of the trigger guard inletting. At the same time push the barreled action firmly back and down into the inletting until it is fully pivoted and seated into the new stock.

3. Reinstall the takedown screw and tighten. Be careful to not strip the threads in the aluminum receiver. If the threaded hole in the receiver does not line up do not attempt to install the screw, your barreled action is not back far enough in the stock.

NOTE: It is important that the rear of the receiver be fully engaged in the rear of the stock on the small ½ moon shelf. It improves accuracy and helps eliminate point of impact changes. If you have an older rifle that is slightly tight on that shelf simply remove a small amount of material on the BOTTOM side of that shelf until the barreled action will fully seat. Then pivot it down and secure the takedown screw. Over the years there have been several trigger guard changes on the 10/22® rifle. This stock is engineered for the current design and may be tight on some older rifles.

10/22® is a registered trademark of Sturm, Ruger® & Co., Inc.