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.22LR TTS-22 Barrel

Magnum Lite® .22LR 20.5-Inch TTS-22 barrel, Aluminum, Integrally Suppressed, Tensioned, fits all 10/22 except takedown model
MSRP: $399.00
NEW 2018!!

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The TTS-22 barrel does it all and comes in at just 1.1 pounds. The patented barrel utilizes the space inside the outer tensioning tube as well as a monolithic baffle stack to suppress the noise. All of the “guts” are hard coat anodized for easy cleaning.

The TTS-22 barrel will be available in early 2018 on Magnum’s semi auto rifles as well as an aftermarket barrel that will fit all Ruger 10/22TM non takedown rifles. It features a BENZ chamber, tensioned hammer forged barrel liner, extreme accuracy, .875” diameter, field strippable with no tools and is very quiet. The steel liner inside the barrel is 16.1” long, so there is not an SBR event when purchasing it. Easy care instructions are included with each rifle/barrel sold.

10/22® is a registered trademark of Sturm, Ruger® & Co. Inc.