Magnum Research BE Scabbard Belt Holster, steel frame (JBP7017) - Style # JBP7017, MRI Shop / Baby Desert Eagle Holsters


BE Scabbard Belt Holster, steel frame (JBP7017)

Custom molded by hand from heavy, top grain Genuine Italian Leather with beautiful stitching and first class craftsmanship.

STYLE:  Belt Scabbard Style, outside the waistband hip holster, requires belt. Right hand, brown only.


  • Open top design with for fast draw on the strong side
  • Positioned with slight forward cant
  • Suitable for competition shooting, IDPA compliant
  • Double layer leather reinforced top (no metal inside) helps keep it open to make it easy to reholster
  • Covers the trigger and the barrel completely
  • Low profile appearance
  • Two belt slots: one on the back and one on the side for stability
  • Belt slots accommodate belts up to 1 5/8" wide and 3/8" thick
  • Hand-molded to the shape of the gun
  • Flat back for comfort
  • Fits steel frame Baby Eagle
Qty: $64.19