Magnum Research BE Leather Pancake Holster, steel frame (JBP6017) - Style # JBP6017, MRI Shop / Baby Desert Eagle Holsters


BE Leather Pancake Holster, steel frame (JBP6017)

Custom molded by hand from heavy, top grain genuine Italian cowhide leather with beautiful stitching and first class craftsmanship.

STYLE: PANCAKE style outside the waistband. Requires belt. Right hand, brown only.


  • Open top design for fast draw
  • The PANCAKE design keeps the weapon close to the body, enhancing concealment
  • Snugness of the weapon inside the holster could be controlled by tightness of belt
  • Covers the trigger and the barrel completely
  • High ride, forward cant (similar to FBI cant)
  • Belt slots accommodate belts up to 1 5/8" wide and 3/8" thick
  • Fits steel frame Baby Eagle
Qty: $59.99