Magnum Research Millet Adjustable Rear Sight, White Outlined - Style # DEP302/W, MRI Shop / Sights


Millet Adjustable Rear Sight, White Outlined

Low-profile, combat, white outlined rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation.For the Millett sights to perform properly on your Desert Eagle pistol you must have front and rear sight.

**For all Desert Eagle Sights, some fitting is required. Consultation with your gunsmith is suggested. Magnum Research does not warranty sights not installed by a MRI factory gunsmith**

The charge for Magnum Research to install the Millett Adjustable Sights is $65.00 and $12.99 for return ground service shipping and handling. However if you send in your complete Desert Eagle pistol to have the sights installed it is $40.00 for return shipping and handling.

*Magnum Research, Inc. does not warranty sights if not installed here at the factory.
*Will not fit models with the DE or DK prefix OR any barrel with an 8 slotted top rail

**Millett sights are for the Isreali made Desert Eagles. These sights WILL NOT fit 1911s or Baby Eagles.

Qty: $39.99