Magnum Research Millet Adjustable Rear Sight, White Outlined - Style # DEP302/W, MRI Shop / Sights


Millet Adjustable Rear Sight, White Outlined

Low-profile, combat, white outlined rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation.For the Millett sights to perform properly on your Desert Eagle pistol you must have front and rear sight.

For installation of Millett sights see instructions enclosed with them. Installation may require the help of a competent gunsmih to install if you do not feel comfortable installing yourself or you may send your Desert Eagle slide assembly and barrel to Magnum Research and we can install these Millet sights for you.

The charge for Magnum Research to install the Millett Adjustable Sights is $65.00 and $12.99 for return ground service shipping and handling. However if you send in your complete Desert Eagle pistol to have the sights installed it is $40.00 for return shipping and handling.

*Magnum Research, Inc. does not warranty sights if not installed here at the factory.
*Will not fit models with the DE or DK prefix OR any barrel with an 8 slotted top rail

**Millett sights are for the Isreali made Desert Eagles. These sights WILL NOT fit 1911s or Baby Eagles.
Qty: $39.99