Ammunition Tips for Magnum Lite .22LR Graphite Barrels and Rifles

Ammunition Tips for Magnum Lite .22LR Graphite Barrels and Rifles

Following are a few tips on ammunition selection to help you understand this barrel/rifle/pistol and get the most it has to offer.

CHAMBER: The barrel has a very special chamber designed for accuracy. This "Benz" chamber is tighter and has a shorter tapered throat or lead into the rifling. This throat is intended to perfectly center the bullet in the rifling prior to firing the round. This is a common throat in a match semi-auto rifle, but it is also NOT a universal "shoot all" chamber. It requires good ammunition. Most promotional ammunition will not function well in it. That is by design; we have designed this barrel as an accuracy barrel.

AMMUNITION: We understand that our customers will have many different uses for our barrels. Some will hunt, plink, varmint and target shoot, even seriously target shoot. This barrel is capable of it all, with the correct ammo. To find the correct ammo first decide what you want to do with it, then purchase several different types of ammo that meets your ultimate goal and try them out, select the best performing one and have fun. Selection should be based on function and accuracy. Some legitimate match grade ammunition will shoot great but is subsonic and will not cycle the action of a semi-auto rifle. MOST promotional loads will not shoot well and will not function well in a semi-auto. There are many moderately priced brands that function the semi-auto action well and shoot extremely well. We use CCI standard velocity ammo as a benchmark when we function test our MLR rifles. It is standard velocity ammo that shoots very well and will cycle our semi-auto actions.

  1. CLEAN your barrel when it is dirty. Clean it with solvent, copper brushes and cotton patches from the breech end. Our MLR rifles have a cleaning rod hole in the rear of the receiver for this purpose or for simple cleaning of the bore we also recommend the Michaels of Oregon bore snake; pulled from the breech to the muzzle.
  2. Promotional, low priced bulk ammunition does not shoot well and may cause function problems in the semi-automatic action and BENZ chamber. They also lead the barrel much quicker than quality ammo.
  3. STINGERS are NOT designed to be used in a BENZ chamber do not shoot them. The case is too long.
  4. In any rimfire barrel a quality barrel will NOT make cheap ammo shoot well. Rather a quality barrel will enhance the performance of quality ammo.
  5. Typically hollow points do not shoot as accurately as a solid bullet in .22LR ammunition. They are usually high speed and function well. If you are hunting and have chosen to use them, try as many brands as possible to select the best shooting brand.
  6. HIGH speed ammo cycles the semi-auto rimfire action better than standard velocity ammo does. It also generally does not shoot as well.

Ammo selection can be half the fun of learning about your barrel or rifle and it is very revealing. Some ammo simply does not work well in a semi-auto.

Thank you for your confidence in the Magnum Research graphite barrel and Magnum Lite rifle. We hope you have as much fun shooting it as we do.


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