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1911 Fieldmaster Holster,Right Hand (1911ALFMBRRH)

Part #: 1911ALFMBRRH

The Fieldmaster, designed for the sportsman handgun hunter to carry a 1911 in the field all day.Unique swivel design allows a natural draw with long barreled weapons. Constructed from heavy 10oz. russet leather, utilizing the same harness and adjustment system as our Bodyguard shoulder rig. Breakaway snaps allow the weapon to be drawn in one natural easy motion. The belt loop is mounted on a swivel so the wearer may sit or bend in any direction without the holster binding into the body. The double ammo pouche is carried under the opposite arm. Available in right or left hand, Tan only.

Manufactured by Alessi Holsters
Each Holster is Hand Made in the U.S.A

Qty: $289.99